About the Awards

Application Deadline Extended to April 30!
Whether they are earning money to buy their first car of make their first charitable donation, Lake County youth are developing and honing their business skills and Lake Kidz Biz has a program to recognize them.
Lake Kidz Biz, a business resource and networking organization for companies focusing on children's services and products has created the Kidz Business Awards to honor Lake County's youngest residents for their initiative to undertake a business opportunity and use their entrepreneurial spirit to implement a business concept that either benefit others or is a for-profit business endeavor. The awards program seeks to: recognize Lake County youth for implementing a business concept on their own; identify how youth are having a positive impact in the community and publicize the importance of youth helping others. Since these kids typically begin projects without fanfare, Lake Kidz Biz needs your help to find our outstanding youth!
"There are so many kids in our area who have out of the kindness of their heart created a business of sorts to provide items or monetary donations to others. Be it big or small, it does not matter. These kids are making a difference while using business concepts and we would like to recognize them," states Pat Perry, Programming Chair and Co-Founder of Lake Kidz Biz. Along with helping others, there is an award category for an individual who has launched a for-profit endeavor. As many Lake Kidz Biz members are business owners and entrepreneurs, it is only fitting a category for a profit endeavor was included. Entries may not be a school project or assignment or an activity for credit from an organization.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be 18 years or younger and attend school or reside in Lake County to be eligible for one of the three $250 award categories:
  1. One award for an individual not-for-profit (charitable) endeavor
  2. One award for a group not-for-profit (charitable) endeavor
  3. One award for an individual for-profit endeavor

Applicants must submit a two-page application, along with supporting documentation. Winners in each category will be notified and will be recognized and receive a $250 award at a designated event. To apply download the application and follow all of the instructions included.
To download the application, click here.
For more information, email us.